martin watkinson

Opening night at Blue Sky

Thank you to the 1000 people who attended the opening night of The Tyranny of Hope at Blue Sky gallery in Portland, OR last week. Thank you to Exhibitions Manager Zemie Barr and the exhibition committee for helping me share a slice of Detroit with Portland. Thank you Christopher Rauschenberg and Janet Stein for your encouragement, support and tips on where to get a good lava cake!

Also thank you to Photolucida for being the real deal and helping photographers get good exposure. This show came from Blue Sky's exhibition committee seeing the work during an initial round at Critical Mass. And I did not even make the top 50 that year!

The morning of the opening as I was walking through the streets of Portland i was struck but the sound of Martin Watkinson's cello. He graciously joined us and played a set inspired by the photographs from The Tyranny of Hope. Martin was joined by Cherita Meadow on vocals.

A finally a great thank you to White House Custom Color for their sponsorship and beautiful prints.